My Worldview – Blog 1

Everybody has a world view, and many do not even realize that they do. Worldviews can vary between each and every person, not matter the age or race. Each culture is unique whether it’s the way you dress, what you eat, or even how often you bath. Worldview is the way we view day to day life on Earth and how we live it. Your word view was being created the day you were born, and continues to be influenced by your surroundings. Religion in my life has taken a huge part of my world view, the reason behind this is because when I was younger I used to attend church each and every weekend with my parents. My mother is Baptist, and my dad is Catholic so there was never a barrier in between my parents when it came to religion. We attended Church of Christ as a family. Being an evolutionist, an atheist, or even a naturalist means that you have a secular world view. A secular world view is when you are not specifically religious.  I personally do not believe that I have a secular view on the world, but I do think other people do. When it comes to school, religion practices, or even the News there are secular views pushed upon people every day. Personally I do not believe in any kind of world view being pushed upon anyone, but people do need to understand other world views. By doing this it will truly broaden your perspective. Image


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