Spain’s Culture, Age, and Gender

Spain is rich in culture and is considerably different then the United states. Spain speaks Spanish while the United States speaks English. These two languages have little in common, but due to immigration from Mexico into the United States fellow Americans are learning Spanish. Sports are always popular no matter what country you are talking about. Soccer also known as futbol is the most popular sport, but in the United States the most popular sport is Football, and can be argued that it is possibly even baseball. In the United States soccer is one of the most unpopular sports, an example of soccer being so unpopular that it is not even played at many high schools, and most colleges don’t have a soccer team.

The population for Spain is 47,042,984 while the United States population is 281,421,906. The United States has nearly six times more people then Spain does. The average age for Spain is 41 years old, while the United States average age is 37 years old. This means that both countries consist of middle aged people. Aspects of identity are not changing in the culture of Spain because the bordering countries are similar to Spain. So when people migrate into Spain there still in Europe so the culture is similar. One of the United States bordering country is Mexico. Mexico’s culture is completely different compared to the United States which means the culture is changing much more compared to Spain’s. The average male in Spain and the United states is three years younger than the average female.

Spain and the United States can learn a lot from each other. Especially when it comes to sports, soccer should be much more popular in the United States then it currently is. The predominant sport around the world is soccer, and the world cup is a great example of that. Majority of American’s are missing a key point when visiting other countries all over the world because most do not understand the game of soccer.



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