Displaying Respect and Honor in Spain

In Spain two of the most respected jobs is a doctor and a teacher. 74% of the Spanish community that was surveyed said they respected teachers, while 81% of them respected doctors. Rodrigo Martín Hernández, President of Santa Cruz of Tenerife’s School of Doctors told The Local that “Medical professionals have scored high because they give much more importance to patients’ views and opinions than they used to do”.  This translates to doctors in Spain listening to the fellow citizens and attending to their health needs. Doctors in Spain did not used to do this as much, so now that they have started doing it, it has changed a lot of people’s perspective on them. “I’m surprised that teachers are rated so high in the CIS study, to be honest,” says Macarena, a high school teacher from Andalusia currently on maternity leave. The reasoning behind Macarena is that teachers are not respected, and the fellow community doesn’t appreciate what they do. People think that teachers have too much time off, but few people see the preparation that teachers put into their job. Teachers were surprised by the results of the survey, and are curious as to why they are not respected face to face.

Being a doctor in Spain is honored by getting paid very well, generally the higher the respected you are the more money you are paid for doing your job. Unfortunately for teachers this is not the case, because although teachers were highly respected according to the survey, they are not paid much at all. Considering the hours that are put in by teachers during the school year they are not being paid enough. I think that teachers should be respected more because they work very hard and education is one of the most important necessities that a community needs. The world as a whole cannot move forward without education.

One way of showing respect in Spain is to not make yourself standout. Being a part of a group and being a large contributor is highly respected. Family is very important in Spain, and families spend many hours with each other throughout the week. Respecting the elder is also a big part of respect. Respecting your elder’s means taking care of them, and making sure they are not lonely, and visiting them constantly. One way teachers will try to earn respect from families is by inviting them to school functions so that the teacher and family can meet and introduce each other.

In the United States doctors are also highly respected, this is because of the attention they give to their patients and making sure that they have good health. One job that is highly respected in the United States that isn’t in Spain is an astronaut. Astronauts are highly respected because they risk their lives going into space, a place where very few people in the world have been to. Although the survey says that teachers are respected in Spain, Spain could learn from the United States in this aspect because teachers are highly respected in the United States.



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