We All Just Want To Win

Negotiating in Spain can be extremely tough most of the time. It can take a long time to seal a deal, and can become a tedious task to complete. Rushing into a deal in Spain will not end well for you and will probably be a lose-lose situation. A lose-lose situation is when neither side wins or has the deal work out for them. This option will most likely cancel any future business. When negotiating there are two other options and that is a win-win and a win-lose situation. A win-win is when both sides of the deal have success in their eyes in a deal. This option is most realistic if you are wanting to do more business in the future. A win-lose is when one side of the deal gets what they want but the other side does not get what they want. Generally this option happens most of the time, but should be avoided when doing business with family or someone close to you.

                When negotiating in Spain be ready for hectic negotiations. Many of the times multiple people will be negotiating with each other at the same time. This can cause a great deal of stress throughout the deal. In the United States negotiating is much shorter and to the point. If the other side doesn’t like the deal an American will typically just walk away and find somebody else to make a deal with. In Spain a deal is a taken very serious, and can take a very long time. One interesting fact to know before going into negotiations in Spain is that sometimes you will be taken out to dinner, most restaurants in Spain do not open until 9PM and food will not start being served until 11PM. With this being said negotiations could take up to three hours so prepare yourself.

                When presenting your business card in Spain make sure you hand the card with the Spanish side facing your colleague. But on the other side always have the same information in English. This is key to starting a negotiation the right way because by handing them the Spanish side up means you respect them. Handing them the English side up could make them feel as if they are not worthy to speak in Spanish or aren’t good enough to negotiate in Spanish.

                Personally, I would not be very comfortable negotiating in Spain because I like having time to think about the deal what is best for me without making it seem like I am being to selfish during a deal. I would always want a deal to be a win-win but I feel like it would not be as easy to do that in Spain. 



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